College Ministry

College Ministry

Thanks for checking out the college ministry here at Trinity Baptist Church! College students have been an important part of Trinity's congregation for many years. We are located within walking distance of Yale, and we are just a short drive away from SCSU, Albertus Magnus, Quinnipiac, Gateway, and UNH.
It’s our hope that college is one of the most exciting times of your life as you study, learn, and grow. We’re here to help you make the most of it! Listed below, you'll find some ways that you can get involved, and you'll learn more about who we are and what we do as a church. We hope you find a home and a family in Christ here at Trinity, and we hope you tell your friends and bring them along too. We can't wait to meet you!

Why Church?

Good question! At Trinity we’re convinced that it’s spiritually healthy, even vital, that students get connected and rooted in a local church body. Sometimes we’re not aware of what a tremendous blessing it is to be involved in the life and community of a local church, but God is constantly using His community of believers to encourage one another and reveal Himself in profound ways. Being part of a diverse body like a local church is a great way to expose ourselves to such a blessing. Furthermore, at Trinity we’re deeply committed to supporting you as a student as you live out your Christian life at college. We believe that learning from Biblical teaching, being involved in close discipleship relationships, and just regularly being among a group of God’s people are the best means of encouragement for our Christian walk together.

When We Meet: Our Worship

On Sunday morning and evening we come together to praise God, to pray together, and to hear God's Word through biblical teaching and preaching. Afterwards, you're invited to stay around for snacks and to meet other college students and families. Come to be spiritually fed and encouraged - and bring your skeptical friends to hear and see who Jesus really is.

Sunday School (9:00 AM) - Come to grow in your understanding of God and to be equipped to serve. We have multiple classes that you can choose from, covering a wide variety of topics, such as: Church History, Bible Overview, Theology, Prayer, Apologetics, and Evangelism

Morning Worship (10:00 AM) - This is our largest gathering where you’ll find a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary songs along with dynamic preaching and active fellowship.

Evening Worship (6:30 PM) - Prefer to come to church in the evening? Our evening service is also centered around teaching God's word, but has a more laid-back and contemporary feel.

Transportation - Need a ride to church? No problem! We’ll make sure you can get here on Sunday. We regularly arrange pick-ups and rides from the various campuses in New Haven. Contact Pastor Greg for a ride.

What We Do: Our Ministries

Discipleship - Develop an on-going personal relationship with a member or pastor of Trinity who will encourage and equip you in the life of faith. Meeting times are flexible to work with your schedule.

Host Families - There’s no better way to find a little home away from home than to sign up for a host family. You and other college students will be paired with a family who will welcome you into their home for some relaxation and a home-cooked meal.

Service & Ministry - Whatever your gifts and talents, there is a place for you to serve at Trinity. Whether it’s our homeless outreach or children’s church, our youth group or music ministry, our hospitality teams or service crews, you can put your faith in action and see God at work.

Campus Fellowship - God is calling you over these four years to be salt and light on your campus. Trinity supports the work of many campus fellowship groups that provide a framework for doing just that. We can help connect you to one that’s right for you.

Who We Are: Our Identity

Authentic Faith - In an age of counterfeits, we try hard to ensure that what we believe is solidly Biblical. This matters to us because we want to authentically and reliably follow Christ and we think the means to do this is to listen carefully to what God says in the Bible. Our "Doctrinal Statement" summarizes the central beliefs of orthodox Christian faith down through the ages. We stand on the shoulders of historical pioneers and teachers and apply the Christian truth to the pitfalls and opportunities of our own cultural context.

Authentic Living - It’s possible to be creedally accurate but personally shallow, even disingenuous, in the practice of our lives. Our "Core Commitments" express our desire to live out the teachings of Jesus in the everyday world of work, school, relationships, etc. In this process of personal transformation our lives support, encourage, and intersect each other. We don’t just 'believe' something, we believe in someone, and this increasingly shapes us as a community into his image.

Our Contact

Greg Hendrickson, Pastor for College Ministry
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