Reading List

Looking for a Good Read?

Here are some books that the pastors at Trinity have found helpful, organized according to topic. If you're looking for a book on a certain topic and can't seem to find one here, please feel free to ask any of the pastors or elders for a recommendation. Many of these books are available on our Bookstall in the Fellowship Hall and can be purchased there at discounted prices. Please note: This list was carefully selected and represents some of the best available resources on the respective subjects. However, the views expressed by the authors may not always be reflective ofthe theological or doctrinal beliefs of Trinity Baptist Church.


Exploring Christianity  

Christian Basics  

Christian Growth (general)  

Prayer, Devotionals, & Spiritual Disciplines  

Church History  

The Church  

Missions & Global Christianity  



Theology (general)  

Theology (specific issues)  

Bible Overview & Reliability  

Bible Commentaries/Reference Works  

Christian Leadership and Ministry  



Marriage, Singleness, & Sexuality  

Family & Parenting  

Biblical Change  


Stewardship & Vocation